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Our Lab

Complete RF lab on-site with a fully anechoic antenna chamber.


Field Theory has an on-site RF lab that will meet all your antenna solution needs – From initial engineering design implementation to final board spins.


  • A fully anechoic antenna chamber.

  • Antenna simulation using HFSS

  • All testing performed in-house to keep your IP secure. We are not a test house that sometimes does antenna design having several clients coming and going every day which could compromise your project to leaks.

  • We do not rent out our chamber for others to use. This allows Field Theory to have access to testing 24/7.

  • Passive Mode Antenna Testing


  • 5G Compatible

  • Recently expanded up to 40GHz

  • Standard Testing : TRP and TIS using our CMW500 or CW mode, peak gain/ EiRP, 2D polar plots, Through-put testing, Rate vs Range testing, Return loss, Isolation, Passive efficiency / average gain, 3D plots, Heat map generation and of course S-Parameters

  • Ability to convert the chamber for pre-compliance EMC testing with a radiated range of 300MHz to 40GHz

  • DeSense Chamber used to troubleshoot any receiver or EMI noise issues


  • EMC / EMI : Engineering improvements; Prequalification testing and root cause analysis to isolate noise source and kill it! So, you can SHIP IT!!!

  • Create early mock-up of your product using LPKF Rapid PCB Prototype Machine, 3D printer and machine shop.

  • Part of the beauty of Field Theory is that there are no separate fees for use of our equipment, it is included in the determined fees that you will know upon signing contract with Field Theory. This will in turn help lower your overall project cost.

  • Testing results provided per your schedule. If results are available ahead of time, they will be given to you! We pride ourselves in keeping to your timeline.