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About Field Theory

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What’s Field Theory All About?

For companies that need RF antenna design and consulting, customization, and integration, Field Theory designs high- performance antennas that are cost effective to manufacture and will get you to market faster. Problem-solvers and solutions-based, the company founded by Tadd Scarpelli (who designed the game-changing antennas for Motorola’s RAZR) helps companies from small start-ups to well established corporations such as Facebook, Verizon, and Ring. They will help anyone looking to improve their product in the wireless world.


What we do

We integrate into your team - look at the best possible and lowest cost design for your product, in some cases, those antennas are free to manufacture, and in cases where an antenna needs to be a piece part, we offer, but may not require, you to manufacture with us. We think you will find that our piece part cost is a lower cost than others. We will use simulation when necessary, but will jump straight into mock-up prototyping as soon as we can to get real data. The sooner we do a mockup prototype - the sooner you ship!

As an antenna customization and integration company, Field Theory provides a solutions-based antenna design to companies in the wireless industry. Working on all platforms including LTE, 5G, Wi-fi, Field Theory is here to get you to market faster and with lower manufacturing cost. From design to prototyping to testing to certification to commercialization, Field Theory works with clients to ensure a successful product launch, our assistance does not end after you launch… our personalized service is best in class. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and individualized attention we can give to our clients.


Founding Engineer / CEO

Tadd Scarpelli started his career designing antenna’s for Motorola, notably he designed the revolutionary RF antennas for Motorola’s RAZR cell phone. Through his Chicago-based company, Field Theory, Tadd continues to design high performance, innovative, efficient, and low-cost antennas helping companies from small start ups to large corporations. Simply put, we are there to help your team!

Tadd has got a very unique talent as an antenna engineer. He has a really good intuition about how to work and rework in tight spaces… he can build and test faster than some RF antenna guys can build a simulation module… he can do some really amazing things in really tight spaces.
— Bob, VP of Engineering, Ossia Inc.