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Antenna Design

The need for best in class antenna performance is often overlooked in product design. The performance of the antenna is sometimes either forgotten or even left out altogether. Having a true custom antenna design will give you optimal wireless performance and will get you to market faster. We have experience working with unique form factors and working through complex problems. We provide antenna solutions based on your products design. There is the specification for the antenna and then there is our specification to exceed yours.


Custom Design Services

Consulting Services

RF Solutions

  • Antenna Design and RF Solutions experts in any protocol or platform between 13MHz and recently expanded to 40GHz

  • Specialized in all connectivity, for example: Cellular, LTE, 4G, 5G, GPS, RFID/NFC, ISM, Bluetooth, WLAN/Wi-fi, Zigbee, Z-wave, wireless charging and arrays, etc…

  • Expertise in omni-directional, directional, MIMO and coexistence applications

  • TRP – TIS - Antenna Passive Testing using onsite 3 meter fully anechoic antenna chamber

  • Providing antenna design and integration consulting

  • RF consulting

  • RF Noise reduction consulting

  • Personalized attention from RF engineer who sees the design thru from conception to launch

  • We integrate into your team to meet your needs as issues arise, working off both your schedule and “fire drills” if needed

  • Initially, our team may ask for to a system review and analysis of your product to test PRIOR to giving you a statement of work. This gives you a true scope of how well (or not) your antenna is performing, and provides a broad overview of the direction needed to take to improve the antenna. We do not simply pull an antenna off the shelf and try to conform it into your product. It is a true custom antenna.

  • Transmission Line Optimization

  • Transmission Line Design

  • Gerber Design Review

  • Performance / Certification Readiness Review

  • Filter Design

  • Matching

  • Noise Reduction




  • Field Theory has on-site rapid prototyping equipment to help reduce lead-time.

  • 3D printer, LPKF for PCB prototypes and stamp metal parts

  • Mini Machine shop

  • Generally, no separate fee for prototyping samples. No fee for use of equipment.

  • Field Theory manufacturing platform offers a competitive custom design antenna solution versus an “off the shelf” antenna which sells for 10x the manufacturing cost.

  • Our manufacturing options will give you a competitive advantage in the industry.

    • Field Theory manufactured antenna

    • Field Theory custom antenna design integrated into your PCB board layout

  • Your Bill of Materials cost will be reduced by decreasing your unit cost and increasing your unit margin

    • Our impact of cost reduction has saved our customers over $1M.

    • Our flexible pricing tier will help design sourcing option that fits your business model.

  • Field Theory offers a wide range of reference antenna designs and our own “off the shelf” designs that can be customized and manufactured for your specific product needs.

  • Our CM in China and Vietnam (LDS Only) has the capacity to meet your production schedules.

  • We provide the option of manufacturing if it fits what your company is needing. We found a gap in services and have proven with our CM partnership, that we can assist with manufacturing needs.